Osnap Rectangular Light

Hi there. Since Rhino 6 it is not possible, to grab the corners of rectangular lights.
Exact rotating and scaling is only possible with the default points in the center or the center of one side.
Is there any way to get it back like in Rhino 5?

Hello - Point Osnap finds the corners if the light points are not on- does that work well enough?


Not really. In Rhino 5 it was possible to treat rectangualr lights like a rectangle curve (means you could grab sides or corners precisely). With Rhino 6 you only can grab at the pre defined points. So an exact scaling of an existing light is hardly possible.

I need some help to reproduce this.

In Rhino 5, I can snap to each of the corners of the rectangular light. In Rhino 6 I can do the same.
Perhaps you are running into the feature that turns on the points of objects when you select them in Rhino 6. Make sure that the light is not selected, or alternatively, change your preferences not to turn on points of selected items.

Okay, if ‘Turn on control points…’ is unchecked, I can osnap the corners of a rectangular light. Thats better, but still not what i`m missing from Rhino 5.
There the osnap of an rectangular light was the same like for a rectangular curve. Means. doesn´t matter, on which side I was clicking, osnap got the border of the light.

I think it´s the ‘mid’ or ‘near’ osnap which is not working

You cannot snap to Mid nor Near in Rhino 5 either.

Than it was an other command. But I´m shure, it was possible to grab rectangular lights on the sides as shown on the screenshot. I did this for years. And now only corners are grabable.
Anyways, it seems not to be possible, to handle it like in Rhino 5. But not to turn on the control points helps me a little bit.

I’ve added a wish to allow snapping to corners when pre-picking rectangular lights and having the “Turn on control points when selecting a curve, light or annotation” setting on. RH-49551. I’m not sure what is possible, though.

As far as I can tell, when the light is not selected - or with that setting OFF - it works exactly like it does in Rhino 5. Please let us know if you have specific information about what it is that is different beyond that.

Thanks a lot for the reply, but there is a missunderstanding. Snapping the corners works; but snapping the border of a light does not (the side marked with the red line on the screenshot).
I try to find somebody with rhino 5 and make a screenshot.
In Rhino 5 or on an rectangular curve, you can grab exactly the border of it (doesn´t matter, where) and now in rhino 6 you only can grad the corners precisely.

Hello - I don’t follow, yet, what you mean by ‘grab’ along a rectangular light edge - Near, Mid snaps do not work on Rhino rectangular lights in V5 or V6. Are you dragging the light or inside the Move command or Gumball or?


I use the move command. Anyhow, turning off the control points is fine.
Thanks a lot!