Osnap not working


(Andreasg) #1


I am experience some problems with the Osnap lately. When I paste geometry from a file to another, or link a worksession file to my file, the Osnap stops working!

Does anyone have a solution for that or experience the problem as well?

I am on Rhino for Windows Version 5.14.522.8390

Thanks, Andreas

OSnap not working on VA plan
(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Andreas - I have never heard of this, but I guess the thing to try is to start Rhino in safe mode and see if the problem persists ( please answer No to any questions about loading third-partyor non-default plug-ins)

To start Rhino in safe mode, type ‘Rhinoceros’ in the Windows start menu - you should see Rhinoceros in Safe Mode entries.


(Andreasg) #3

Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your reply…

Starting in Safe Mode without plugins helped (at least for now)
Unfortunately I am depending on some plugins and the question is now, which one creates the problems…

But thank you for the advice!


(Francesc Salla) #4

@andreasg do you have VisualARQ? there was an issue related to what you are describing here that was fixed in 2.0.17 version. Make sure you are running this version if you have VisualARQ.

(Miled Rizk) #5

If you like to investigate some plugins you think they might be the problem,
After starting in Safe Mode, go to File menu, Properties, you’ll see Pop Up some
Warning dialogs, click Yes on them and when the Document Properties dialog opens,
Click the Plug-in option. On the right you’ll see all the plugins along with their status, Loaded or not,
Choose the plugin you like to test, right click it and choose Load Plug-in, here, again you’ll be presented
With a warning dialog

Click Yes. Now you can use the plugin and test if the problem comes from it.