Osnap marker not showing

Hi. Sorry for the dumb question…I have two identical files (duplicated). In one, when gridsnap is turned on, I get the usual white square box marker next to the pointer for each grid point. On the other there is no white square marker. What can have changed in duplicating a file?

Hi -

I’m not sure what you mean, but, for starters, are both files on the same computer and/or the same Rhino version?

It’s just a straight duplicate on the same computer. Sorry I’ve not included…on the duplicate file, the marker does appear in all viewports except front. So when I want to start a curve their is no white square when I move the cursor over a grid intersection. On the original version the marker appears in all viewports.

Wim I have solved it. I have a clipping plane at 0 on the z axis. The marker square doesn’t appear unless I bring the clipping plane forward from 0.

Is that normal…the clipping plane affects the marker???

So for anybody who meets this issue…the clipping plane was at 0.000 on the z-axis in both programs. But in the duplicate it caused marker points to not show. I deleted the clipping plane and made a new one at 0.000 and suddenly they did.

Hm - I cannot repeat this here so far. Is it repeatable on your machine? Can you please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/paste the results here.