OSNAP intersection not working

Hi! i have an issue with the OSNAP functionalities of rhino 8. snap to intersection is not working. The strange part is that all other OSNAP functionalities are working just fine… i am working on the 0 plane with a very simple 2D drawing. but also in the intire modelspace OSNAP doesnt recogniize INT.
Also… in layout pages INT osnap is working normally…

Thanks for your suggestions!

Hi Teun -

Judging by the description and the image, this should be working.
Please post both the output from the Rhino SystemInfo command and a 3dm file that shows the issue.

Hi, I was going to send you the empty file where the problem occurred. but after emptying (not all that suprisingly) it didnt occur anymore… I found out that INT gives problems while a Clipping Plane was activated. Anybody know why that would be?