Orthopedic sole

dear all.
I’m biomedical engineering student and I need your help. I’ve been assigned to a project which involves the use of Rhino…but I’ve no experience with it.
I need to make a study on a special orthopedic sole. I’ve scanned it and what i’ve got from 3d scanning is a big mesh. Now, I managed to create surfaces out of the points…but I’m not able to create a solid! I’m struggling since weeks.
Any advice or help is really much appreciated. thanks a lot.

Going from a scan to a clean surface model is a big task. It’s not the kind of task you can learn Rhino on.

My best recommendation is to first take the time to go through the tutorials in the User’s Guide. This will give you a good understanding of modeling in Rhino:
On the left side there are links to download a PDF version and the tutorial models.

Then have a look at this White paper that covers working with scanned data, cleaning it up, and then using it as reference for making clean NURBS surfaces from it:

Also, a “solid” in Rhino is a set of surfaces which form a closed volume with all edges attached to other edges.

Using the CreateSolid command is one way to create a solid from a set of surfaces in Rhino. But sometimes it has difficulties figuring out how the surfaces should go together and how to trim the surfaces.

Another way to create a surface is the Join command which attaches surfaces to each other. Trying Join on two adjacent surfaces which share an edge. Then use ShowEdges and look for “naked edges”. Did the edges which were expected to join actually join? If not then one or both edges will need to be modified because they are further apart than the tolerance.

After joining two surfaces add another surface. Keep going until a solid is created.