Ortho view - First pick nearest me next pick next nearest me..how?

In ortho view I draw a line and project (input delete) to two surfaces. I then wish to be sure first pick in wireframe in that same view gets the one furthest away from me (to use laymans terms), how can I do that ?

In Freehand a right click ctrl worked its way down through overlying lines .


You should have a multiple selection menu show up, use one of the other views to see which one you’re selecting…

as I pick I do see that choice, I have also now in properties made the choice display the layer name, wish I had done that yrs ago, unless it wasnt in V4,…but the lines are all on the same layer, I have just projected them to port and stbd surfaces in ortho view with delete input chosen. I am working on port side of aircraft in Front view (staring ai its port side in other words) and have port layer ticked, so it shows me the exact same name and I wish to select the stbd line and place it onto the stbd layer which is turned off, then I can work on the port line.

if that option was also to display the Z distance that might be useful !

I have to keep hopping out of Front view, zooming in on the just created yellow lines and selecting the stbd one, right click layer and choose Change Object Layer then return to Front view.
I am doing this hundreds of times, sleep is something I am lucky to get a chance of.


Just a comment, if one finds oneself having to do repeat the same operation hundreds of times, in my experience there is a problem with the basic methodology… Solving it often requires organizing one’s work differently or rethinking the problem…

For example collecting all the lines you want to project and projecting them at once onto just the one surface, grab the result and do what you want with it, then do the same thing with the other surface… No need to try and figure out what goes where…