Ortho does not work as expected, if gumball sensitivity is changed


the low sensitivity of the gumball, causes ichoerant rotations with respect to an angle defined in the ortho parameters.

here is the video

thank you

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Hello - this seems correct to me - the cursor snaps to ortho and the gumball moves proportionally less according to DragStrength. If dragStrength is 50% and ortho is 90 degrees, it will ‘snap’ to 45 degrees of rotation on ortho.


@pascal Pascal, I think that the Drag strength must be an isolated setting that affects only the dragging, while the Ortho (responsible for the angle of rotation) must be a separate setting that’s not affected by the “Drag strength” setting. Lost ability to use a proper Ortho angle for rotation could do serious damages to an important project while using a drag strength for dragging that’s lesser than 100. “Drag strength” is primarily used for fine adjustments and must not mess the rotation angle WHEN Ortho is active. There is a dedicated setting for the ortho angle already. :slight_smile:

I would propose to keep the drag strength for both, moving and rotation, only when Ortho is NOT active. :slight_smile: Activating Ortho means that the user wants to LOCK the angle of rotation to a specified, expected and well remembered number.


yes absolutely,
the problem is that you never know. the gumball sensitivity setting can be 98%.
in this case the ortho will deceive you by making a rotation of 44 ° instead of 45, which will lead to unforgivable faults, without us realizing.
in the best cases, you discover the problem after having spent hours and hours to model…
then it is too late.
in my opinion ortho should work with or without modifying the resistance.
it is a parameter which must not be interrupted

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Exactly. As I mentioned above, Ortho is basically a lock to a user-specified angle of rotation, and as such must be a constant value unless the user sets a new custom angle of rotation. This is why “Drag strength” must not affect the set angle of rotation if Ortho is active.