Original creator information of 3dm

Hello! I have a question about Rhino.
I’m not good at English, so thank you for understanding what I’m writing through a translator.

I teach rhino to students at school.
I give assignments to my students and ask students the 3dm file format.
However, it seems that some students share their homework.
Can I know the original creator information of the 3dm file?
For example computer name or IP, etc.

Thank you for your reply.

Hi -

I’d say there’s no reliable way to check if a specific user “did the work” in any given file.
You can run the Audit3dmFile to get some idea but that is hardly conclusive.

I just created a new file from a template and saved and closed that file. The Revision History section of the Audit3dmFile states:

Revision History:
 Create Time: Thursday September 23 12:38:15 2021 UCT
 Last Edit Time: Thursday September 23 12:38:41 2021 UCT
 Revision Count: 2
 Created By: "Wim"
 Last Edit By: "Wim"


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oh my god!, thank you so much bro