Origami Fold Box

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to work out and understand the hinge and folding technic in Kangaroo.

I’m trying to fold a 3d box (mesh) into a flat state.
with the crease lines centered the mesh collapses when the point get closer together.
In the second test I changed the center points of the creases so the would not collide but as I change the folding slider the box starts to rotate.

Any help would be appreciated.

Origami2.gh (23.5 KB) BoxFold.3dm (76.7 KB)

For a closed mesh like this, you need to choose which edges to open up at to be able to unfold it.
Kangaroo will not automatically make these seams for you.
I think Ivy might be more like what you are looking for here.

Hi Daniel,


I Want it to remain a closed mesh as if it was a “paper” box.
I dont want to open it or unfold it.
It is supposed to look as if I pulled the points on each face inward toward the center of the box.

I’m hopping to achieve something like this:

Ah, but that is physically impossible. The side triangles in your image above are very different shapes in the expanded and collapsed version. Where is the extra material supposed to go?

I guess you are right… :slight_smile:
I think I’ll create a physical model and see what the folding shapes should be like.

Just to clarify, I guess you want to achieve sth like shown in this thread (done with Bongo) Folding triangles - hinging problem with Kangaroo?

Not exactly, the box is just a test model to understand how to work with the hinge and folding tools in kangaroo. The end goal is to implement it with an inflatable geometry. The required shape would be flat and folded and when we’ll inflate it should unfold and get to the shape we want.
I think I’ll need to test and understand the folding in a simple shape maybe or a flat surface.

Mh okay, maybe this helps you to understand the hinge goal:

Here I listeted some forum posts regarding folding/origami:

I guess you mean pneumatic orgiami. I am uncertain if the hinge goal is the right approach here.

Maybe have a look at these projects:
MIT | aeroMorph: https://tangible.media.mit.edu/project/aeromorph/
DDU | AIRigami – 3D Robotic Printing of Foldable Pneus: https://ddu-research.com/airigami/

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