OrientOnSrf Issue - Mapping Truss to Curved Surface

Hi Guys,

I have a curved/twisted surface (as pictued) on which I want a truss to run along. I took the surface, squished it, and built a truss for it after I had success with OrientOnSrf to map a smaller truss.

I can’t seem to correctly orient the truss on the surface or get it to twist as shown in the Rhino 5 help guide.

Is there a better way of going about this, or am I missing something obvious?

Here are images showing what I have and the best I’ve gotten:

And the rhino file:
17.10.22 Truss Problem.3dm (1.0 MB)

Thank you!

Dear Mehranjahedi

will move and rotate the picked / selected Objects to align locally to the surface.
Like the local Coordinate System you see with the
You can imagine this command like a flexible clothes for example a shirt (the target Surface) with stiff knobs (the objects you are aligning)

if you also want to deform the objects you might want to experiment with
But this will give you more Design-Data-Quality. And in most cases your bars will not longer be straight.

For _FlowAlongSrf you need “raw” objects (not blocks / instances). As simpler the input geometry the more expectable the result will be…

hope that helps



Try Orient3Pt if you want to orient the truss to the surface without distorting the truss.