Oriented components not flat

I have ‘oriented’ a bunch of components to the XY plane, but they’re not lying flat. The problem occurs at the ‘orient’ component and I’ve been struggling to fix it.

Could it be something to do with my getting my curves, surfaces, and breps in a mess?

Any help would be much appreciated.

This was supposed to go…

Mobius elipse 2D HR 3.2.gh (45.8 KB)

I haven’t this problem

5.8e-12 is zero for me.

Hi Laurent,
Thanks for coming to my aid again!
I modified my definition a little and included the bounding boxes.
Mine are very odd. Do yours look like the attached image?

Where can I find the min/max component?Mobius elipse 2D HR 3.3.gh (51.7 KB)

A better picture…

I don’t have Kuka installed but still, I can see your problem. For some reason, your Trim Soliddoesn’t work properly…
Have a look at the attachment. your problem is in the yellow group and my fixes are in the red group…

Mobius elipse 2D HR 3.3_re.gh (44.8 KB)

Hi @cthom27,

You have some issues with the way you “cut into” the ellipses, that might also be messing up your list order. I didn’t have time to dig deeper into that part, but check out the definition, maybe it helps a bit with the flat orientation.

Mobius elipse 2D HR 3.2_reLina.gh (45.9 KB)


… see what I mean here below:

I am also attaching another gh file, with some grouping, hope this helps.

Mobius elipse 2D HR 3.2_reLinaGROUPS.gh (49.3 KB)

Thanks loads for the help and solutions HS and Lina, I struggled with that for over a day.

I’ve extended HS’s definition through to the robot simulation now and it all seems to work. Using the focus align method eliminates six of my components.

Only curious thing now is the number tags which now seem to go from 0 to 5, and then a mess, in every column (Y direction).
Perhaps that reinforces Lina’s messed up list theory. I know from experience that getting this type of similar multiple items out of order is good for hours of entertainment when it comes to assembly! If all else fails I’ll just get my Sharpie marker out…

Flattening fixed the messed up numbers.