Orientating planes to centre point


(Carlos ) #1

You have two circles and then you loft them, the created surface is then populated with points and then the planes are attached to them. The lofted shape is given a centre. How can you make the plane always face the centre of the circle?

(David Rutten) #2

You can create planes by centre point and normal vector, so since you know the plane centres P_{plane} and the shape centre P_{shape}, all you have to do is create a vector from P_{plane} to P_{shape}.

Though do note that the rotation around this normal vector is undefined and may not be what you want. If that’s the case a fully unambiguous transform will be required.

(Carlos ) #3

Hi, Thanks for the information. After making the plane vertical, how do you manipulate its face to orientate towards the centre?


Check this out.

(Carlos ) #5

What if at this point you would want to offset those planes outwards?