Orientate Element (Karamba3D) for shells

Hi everybody,

I am currently working with the structural analysis of shells. I can not however understand how the component Orientate Element for Shells works. Do I have to input the new vector basis, I would like to use, described in the global or local reference system?

I uploaded the file I am actually working at: in red you can see the components of interest. I extrapolated the lines indicating the default orientation of the local coordinate system of every mesh element, as well as the lines I would like to use as the new orientation of the local coordinate system.

I really appreciate any help and thank you very much in advance!

GH_Workflow_v3_RhinoForum.gh (71.7 KB)

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Thank you!

Hi @crovati

The component allows you to set the orientation based on a vector. For example, you can flip the Z direction of the mesh. red: x direction, green: y direction, blue: z direction. You can refer to 3.1.14: Orientate Element - Karamba3D 2.2.0

Perfect, thank you!