Orient3Pt: incorrect?

Rhino 6.
Use command “Orient3Pt” with copy and scale ON.
Orient the rectangle (points 1,2,3) in the position shown in the figure.
The result is the yellow rectangle, which is not oriented perfectly to the point 3¹, as seen in FIG.

Is a command error (bug) or a geometric impossibility of the same command?

The correct result should be like this:

Well, scaling is uniform, so it depends on the three target points having the same relationship, exactly, as the reference points. If they do not the X direction wins (1’>2’) and 3’ sets the orientation of the plane.


So the Orient3Pt control is not suitable for this operation? If the rectangle has to assume a vertical position as the smaller one, everything works. If instead the rectangle must assume an inclined position, as in this case, the command does not give the desired result.
The command may not scale in a non-uniform? It would be thinkable?