Orient surface over edge of polysurface?

Trying to wrap surfaces around the faceted edges of a polysurface, I’ve been using the Orient3P command to get them positioned how I like but this isn’t a good method for wrapping. As it stands, I’d have to Split each hanging edge using the polysurface, and re-Orient3P each piece to line up on the side. As shown in this picture with the wrist.

Any hot tips or commands/plugins I’m unaware of? I’m open to a grasshopper solution as well if I knew where to start.


You could try Pascal’s script called ProjectObjects. I use it for similar situations all the time. It’s near the bottom of this page:

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I do not think that one will help here - splitting the objects is probably the most straightforward thing. Rotate3d to swing the part around if the target edges are linear.


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