Orient shape on curve

any idea of how I can orient the shape circularly along the vertical curve and horizontaly along the vertical arc with a simple tool… ? I have been searching on the forum but did not find exactly what I was looking for
test-sweep-01.3dm (61.3 KB)
test-sweep-01.gh (7.0 KB)


Hope this helps you out.

test-sweep-01_re.gh (12.3 KB)

test-sweep-01_reV2.gh (19.1 KB)

thanks, I’am still working on it and trying to adapt your proposition to all the different type of problem I gat !

It is possible to adapt this definition to achieve something similar to this image?

Right now the alignment it is not working so good.

Orient_Face_on_Curve_test-sweep-01_reV2_Handrail.gh (17.2 KB)
Hand_Rail_Curved.3dm (789.1 KB)

If you want to check the attached def, you’ll need Pufferfish plugin.

Handrail_re.gh (18.5 KB)


Thank you for this definition. Almost there but still needs some adjustments:

  • The generated shape seems to be jagged.
  • I will need a way to fine tune the orientation of each of the sections

When you use Sweep 1, less section curves, better result.
When if you are using multiple section curves, use Loft instead…

Yes indeed. Using loft I have much better result. Thank you.

Now I only need a way to rotate somehow each section around it’s own CPlane.

Hello, just as a side note:

usually you dont model such shapes within one loft or sweep command. You might see the twisted surfaces resulting and the result will hardly look good and yield lots of unnecessary cps. To get a nicer result you will need to blend the main surfaces and fillet them later on. To get a nice blend, the extention of your rail will need to visually intersect from side view.
Unfortunate this all is very difficult todo within Grasshopper.


Enviame la version en RHINo 5.0 Y podré ayudarte

Puedo describirlo:

1- Situar un plano para cada extremo de las verticales
( End Curve + Origen Plane)

2- Situar el centro de la circunferencia
( Trazar Vector desde el centro a cada uno de los End points de las lineas verticales ( Curvas Verticales ).

3- Orientar lo planos con ese vector de referencia
( Aling Plane )

4- En ese nuevo plano situar los perfiles ( H ):

Para la espiral debes:

1-; Situar un plano perpendicular a un end point de la espiral:
(End point + Perpendicular Frame + Slider de 0 a 1.0 (conectar en “t” )

2- Situar el Perfil ( H )

3- Recorrer con swp1

Si deseas enviame el Archivo en Rhino 5.0 y podre confeccionar definicion y ayudarte.

MI saludos

thank you very much everybody, it help me a lot, but it’s hard to create exactly what I need from all your advice, moreover because I’am not able to make work some of your files… when I dowload you gh files, it works, when I try to replace your internalized data by my own curve, it fails… ( particularly with HS_Kim files)
Macuso solution is really cool to and I will quickly have to use it at work because I will have to draw stairs… but I find it too complicated for my actual work.
thank you very much guys (or girls)!

whatever, your advices and the way you work alloyed me to create my own version that I show you now.
I’am pretty sure that it is very closed to work. but it don’t…
I think (but i’am not sure) it only left me a kind of sort tool or a “graft” turned on button anywhere. It seems that i’am trying to orient and then to sweep profile who are not sorted by number ( they are all 0) with curves who are sorted from one to 5…

I have tryied to resort it with “entwine” tool, but it didn’t work…

my files :
orient-direction-01.3dm (25.6 KB)
orient-direction-01.gh (14.4 KB)

thank you so much, here the rhino file in V5
orient-direction-01-V5.3dm (23.8 KB)

don’t know if it possible or if you need the grasshopper downgraded too…

orient-direction-01_re.gh (9.9 KB)

test-sweep-01.gh (16.0 KB)
orient-direction-01-V5.3dm (97.8 KB)

He ahi mi solución , espero y te sirva, quedo atento a lo que puedas cometar.