Orient Rectangular Section Perpendicular to Surface

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Attempting to orient pegs at the normal to these bands that I’ve derived from a complex undulating surface. The pegs are the supports for the surface paneling for a waffle installation. I’ve gotten the normals at each of the points that have been pulled to the surface, but am having trouble getting the normal to actually orient the pegs correctly. In the screenshot you can see that the pegs are only orienting to the edge of the surface, and in the Z direction, but not affected by the other normals. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Orient pegs perpendicular to surface HELP.gh (98.8 KB)

Still struggling with this?

Orient pegs perpendicular to surface HELP_RE.gh (107.2 KB)

Actually this is more correct with Surface Split

Orient pegs perpendicular to surface HELP_RE.gh (113.1 KB)

Hi @Jakinta @Joseph_Oster! Thanks for the swift response :slight_smile: sorry I think I wasn’t clear enough with what I’m trying to achieve. I’m trying to orient the pegs (the extruded rectangular sections on the bottom right of my screenshot that I’ve attached) at the points selected with the List Item component early in the definition, and perpendicular to the points that they’re at on each of the bands.
Hope that’s a bit more clear :slight_smile: I thought just orienting them using the normals from EvalSrf output would work, but it’s just orienting them either horizontally or vertically…

Hahaha not quite, same project different problem :pensive:

Same project, still struggling. There were grid points and a NURBS surface earlier that aren’t available anymore in this model. Looks like some flailing around to get a list of BCX points for only one row? Having thought about it for at least three weeks, I expect a clearer picture of the objective at this point, with the earlier productive steps still available (grid points and NURBS surface normals).

Extruding in two different directions has resulted in two different surfaces with opposite normal directions, which explains why you get duplicate “pegs”, one set upside down:

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@Jakinta @Joseph_Oster
Here’s what I’m trying to describe. I got it to work in a really primitive way (see the definition in pic 4), but the pegs are oriented next to the waffle slats (Thanks Joseph!) and perpendicular to the surface at its point. I’m trying to do the same thing that I’d already done, but a in a simpler way. I hope that helps :slight_smile: