Orient on Mesh or Polysurface

I need a version of orient on surface that lets you use polysurface or meshes.

The problem with only one surface is that sometimes you need to populate the same object all around a part, and frequently the surface you selected is not big enough to cover the area you want.
If at least you could convert the part to mesh and place all the objects at once, that could be great.
Is there any hidden tool for this?

Hi Joaquin - what I do sometimes is Drape across the multiple surfaces to create a new target surface that is hopefully quite close to the real target object.


Thanks Pascal, interesting method!
I also use a workaround sometimes with contour and loft, to create the single base surface.


So it’s 2020 and no sign of “orient on mesh” оr “orient on polysurface”. :frowning:

That feels like the least of 2020’s problems. But no, there is no tool for that…