Orient object on two connecting surfaces

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Is there a way to orient an object (a logo) on two connected surfaces? I tried to put it on the edge one surface, however the portion of the logo on the second surface will not be positioned correctly.


Try drawing/creating/positioning the object in the viewport that will be the closest to the one in which you want it to end up. Orient 2 Points or Orient 3 Points should get you what you want. Select 2 or 3 “snappable” points on the original object (Base), and then choose 2 or 3 corresponding points on the destination location (Target). Probably want to use the Scale=Yes option, and then 1D or 3D Scaling. 1D will scale one way to get the original to fit (stretch or shrink) and leave the other dimension unchanged. 3D scaling will enlarge or reduce everything proportionally.

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