Orient object discrepancy


I don’t quite understand why there is a gap between the re-parameterize surface and the final plane?

But, when the surface didn’t carry out re-parameterize, it seemed normal.
The surface is coincident with the final plane.

Can anyone help me please?

Orient component.gh (13.6 KB) Orient component.3dm (59.5 KB)

Encl. files



It comes from the fact that these are trimmed surfaces.
If you connect “untrim surface” component to your surfaces, you will see where this gap comes from :slight_smile:

Here is a solution with “shrink” component from pufferfish plugin ! But don’t forget to reparametrize the new (shrinked) surface !

Orient component.gh (11.7 KB)

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Thanks Antoine!

BTW, where can I download the plugin Pufferfish?

Click the word Pufferfish in his reply.

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Thanks Michael. Got it.