Orient List Surfaces on XY problems

Hello Everyone,

I want to orient several surfaces (made from a single one) on the XY plane to create files for CNC machine.

I dont know why but the result is a real mess. What i want is to have a gap between the surfaces.

Can someone can open my eyes on this one please?
Also, any tips to number them automatically is more than welcome.

Thank you GS community,


surface split.gh (17.9 KB)


This problem can be avoided by using GH to generate the surface and point instead of referring to Rhino geometry.

I numbered my parts in the attached definition.
Perhaps it will work for you…Waffle elipse vertical ring 1.3.gh (24.5 KB)

Hi @Joseph,

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, i need to create the surface from Rhino.
Please find attached the .3DM file.

Do you have a solution for this please?

Thank you,


surface split.3dm (3.3 MB)

Hi @Clementeremy ,

Maybe this helps (see attached gh file), the main issue in your definition was lack of control over lists and data trees, I’ve tried to explain this a bit with comments in the gh file.


splitting surface_reLina.gh (19.5 KB)

Hi @Lina,

Impressive, thank you so much. This is clearly next level for me.

I understand that you rebuild the plan for each curves, switching from ZX world to XZ world.

Then you sorted the list with the Y values , can i ask you why please? Is it to recover the curves and the planes after changing the planes orientations?

The following regarding the grid layout and the tags is really smart.

Thank you for your help and your style.



Hi again, I am glad I was able to help.

Yes, I’ve sorted the curves according to Y values just to be sure they are all organized correctly and the way I intended (since I wasn’t rebuilding the script form the start) and Y direction seemed as the most logical order here. I have reconstructed the planes also just make it easier for me to create the layout exactly the way I wanted.

You can change the orientation of planes as well as the proportion of grid, if you need something different :slight_smile: