Orient exported linked block

In my common workprocess I use to export blocks as a seperate blockfile to be able to work with it seperatly and link it back to the orgin “assembly” file. Most of the times I need to reorient the block model to the C-plane for a better modelling position but the block model will also reorient in the "assembly " file and loose its position. I use to solve this by first make a placeholder (rectangle) on the block file and copy it in the block (add object) and then position it back after the reorientiation.
This workflow feels a bit odd and I think there should be a more easy method.
The block base point has no axis and doesnt affect a rotation.
I have tried to re-position C-plane in the block file and it works but it is also a bit odd.
Does anyone know a better way?

Hi Fredrik - are the objects blocks (maybe made in-place) before you export them?


Yes. When I am making construction design containing many parts and I dont have all the information of connecting bolts or joints in a repeated object, I use to make a easy sketch of it and make it a block before i copy it. I can then concentrate on this particular detail later and continue with the rest of the design.
I draw this object sketch in its assambly position which could be tilted or rotated.
It should be helpful if it was possible to insert the XYZ axis when you set the block base point.
Maybe my work process is uncommon but it works good in my branch when the workshop is waiting to start the manufacture.

Hi Pascal (or anyone else)
Do you know any better method?
I would appreciate any input to this problem!

@scenografi Hi Fredrik - the only thing that comes to mind is a bit convoluted -

  1. Set a CPlane (i,e, the XYZ you asked for.Z)
  2. ExportWithOrigin, 0,0,0 with the custom plane active, then Delete.
  3. Insert the exported file to 0,0,0 on the custom CPlane as a linked block

@scenografi - see if this python works for what you want to do -

ExportOrientedBlock.py (1.0 KB)

Use RunPythonScript or

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


is grasshopper an option?