Orient (elevate) objects by numerical input to a specific y=0 position?

Is there a way to accomplish this? Wanna move the objects to the world plane. Thank you

the meaning of your brief explanation is a bit difficult to pin down for me. also elevating would mean moving an object along z. anyway if i understood you correct you call the move command select the point you want to move from and type the coordinates? 0,7,0 whatever. just typing 0 will place it in the center of your cplane. you can also constrain a movement along 2 axis, for example by entering .xz you then chose the xz coordinates by clicking on the spot, then type a distance.

@encephalon so there is no more intuitive way like a suffix or prefix to include in the command line to constrain to the z-axis depending on view. Thanks!

Maybe I should temporary grid constrain within view.

I mostly do this with gumbal. Drag gumbal to the desired location of your reference point on the object, (snappy dragging should be on) then move it in one of the orthogonal directions dragging one the arrows to a desired point or while dragging entering a location (eg 0)

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