Orient CP plane on surface command fails on extrusions


I fail to orient a CP plane on an extrusion surface
If I explode the extrusion on a number of surfaces then I can orient the CP plane in the wanted surface all right.
Is this normal?
(even if it is normal, IMHO the orient plane on surface should be able to detect the surfaces of an extrusion element without the need for the explosion)



Hi Joao - that should work, and it does here so far - CPlane > Surface, right?
Can you post an example where it does not work?


Extrusion.3dm (57.3 KB)
Hi Pascal


Now I see that it sometimes works sometimes not…looks like if the camera is too close to the object it’s more difficult to work,
On the uploaded file try to orient the CP on the large inclined front face


Try a few consecutive times on different faces and maybe you will replicate what I am experiencing

Hi Joao - yeah, I see - selection of the face fails - you can select at the edge though - does that work? In any case, I’ll look into this, thanks.

@rhinofan - as far as I can see this works correctly in V6/WIP.


Thank you Pascal