Orient Command Help

I’m a new student in a design class and am going through the Level 1 Manual. I am on the Rubber Ducky exercise and I am in need of help on it. I’ve been able to do all the steps up to orienting the eye onto the head. When ever I choose Point on surface to orient to and select the head my eye clips through the head and doesn’t settle onto it nicely. I’ve worked around it by using gumball to change the angle and placement after I orient the eye to the head. Is there something I’m doing wrong that makes the eye clip through the head when I place it?
I am also wondering on how to re-orient an object back so its flat on the construction place. For example I wanted to move the eye back flat on the construction plane after I had put it on the head. It was angled so I needed it flat again.

If you have not saved after the orient just use ctrl/z on your keyboard it will go right back to where it started from. I remember having a similar problem years ago when doing the same lesson. It has been so long ago to be honest I can’t remember the solution.

Post your file so we can take a look. Keep playing it gets much easier the more you learn.