Orient box on surface following curve

orient.3dm (895.0 KB)
is there a easy way to orient multiple boxes on this surface that follow the curve? and are adjustable in the rotate, scale, etc? thank you

I guess this is what you asked for. I have internalized the geometry.

2023-04-03 Orient on Curve on Surface.gh (22.0 KB)

this is basically what im needing to do.

gems on surface.3dm (1016.9 KB)

How do you determine the points on curve where you place the object?
What is the offset?
Scale, distance…?

you can choose the curve to follow with the surface as the direction everything faces, then you click on the curve at different spots to layout the stones. while laying them out you have the control of sizing, offsetting, etc see picture. this is all done without restarting the command. clicking on GEM on the command line allows you to choose another gem to lay on the surface following the curve. definitely easier to describe by showing it happening.