Orient / ArrayOnCrv with 2 reference points

The goal is to array an object along a curve using 2 reference points, so the start of the next instance is the end of the previous object.
Example: array a fix sized fence frames over a fence line.

This is how I do this step by step:
Measure the Distance (S1-S2) of the object or fixed distance you want to use.
Orient the source object point S1 to the curve start point T1.
For S2 put in the distance (S1-S2) for the next step. With this fix distance find the intersection point on the curve T2.
In the Orient function set the option Copy and continue with S1=T2 and repeat the previous steps until the end of the curve is reached.

Can someone help to script this command?

If Rhino developers read this: An adapted ArrayOnCrv function for this could benefit from the record history option so you can adjust the curve afterwards.

Perhaps this plug-in does what you are looking for?

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Hi Wim, Mario,

ArrayCrvPLUS does not have equidistant spacing.
It was implemented in Armadillo plugin only. It should do what’s shown here.



Thanks Wim and Jarek.

I’ll give it a shot with Armadillo. Array CRV PLUS has some other nice features to btw.
Just for the challenge also like to investigate the script way of doing it.
So if anyone can give me a clue on how I can script the way to detect an intersection point of 2 curves, that would help.