ORI-REVO rebuild, an origami approximation to revolution surfaces / rotational sweeps

Hi, I have been delving into computational origami and have been rebuilding Jun Mitani’s 'Ori-revo ’ tool in a grasshopper definition. This bit of software was released by University of Tsukuba and can still be [downloaded from this website]. However the file is from 2011 and it will not run on my machine (Intel graphics issue). I also thought it would be cool to just have it in Grasshopper.

Here´s a video on YT to see how it works.

ORI-REVO is based on this paper (check it for geometric principles), and it generates folding patterns to approximate revolution figures in origami (aka in a flat continuous sheet of material).

I have worked it in two ways, one using Lunchbox components, the other with native GH components, still not sure which to choose so I’m keeping both alive. At the moment I’m only looking at the ‘blades cylinder’ method (see video/article).
ORI-REVO_rebuilt_V3.gh (39.0 KB)

I have got this far for now. It is still pretty raw, so I’d like some help with the following:

  • Simplify the definition (I’m still pretty new to GH and tend to use more components than necessary to do things bc I don’t know all the methods…)
  • Define ‘blade size’ parametrically
  • In my current definition, sometimes I have to ‘swap’ my selection depending on the profile shape (concave vs convex) (marked with a ‘swap?’ tab on the definition)- I would like to amend this so whatever the profile, the selection is correct.
  • Current definition still struggles with some profiles across the revolution axis

Hope this makes sense!
Thanks! Any help will be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: