Organizing Orthographic Surfaces for Illustrator Export


I want to create an orthographic drawing where the walls are simply painted depending on their orientation, like this:


This would seem simple enough, except of course I have to automate this task to make it bearable. Ideally I would not do this for the hundreds of buildings on my site, and additionally it would be nice to have this process ready for the next time I have to do something like this.

I have had some luck with rhino - someone wrote me a grasshopper script that separated all of the surfaces by their orientation, meaning that I have three layers, one for the roof, west facing, and south facing walls.

However, my issue is that these layers do not stack properly. No matter whether I put the south, or west facing walls on top of each other, there is still some incorrect looking overlap.

I am pretty stuck here. How can I automate this process? I am looking at processes in Rhino or in Illustrator.

For reference, here are the rhino and illustrator files.

Hello - I do not see a clean way out - the objects on the layers are not consistently all in front or behind others. Make2D is worth a shot here - combined with CurveBoolean, you can get all the 2d closed curves you need, but lose the sorting.

I’ll think about how to keep the sorting - I have an idea anyway…


In this case, you would still have to manually colour each space once youre in illustrator, right?

This makes me wonder how anyone achieves this effect in orthographic drawings.