Organizing complex models

Hi All,

I’m working on a little personal water craft that seems to have have as many systems to it as a small frigate, and I have to maintain different states and the tooling for all the composite parts. I’m wondering what others with more experience on complex assemblies (I’ve tended to work on simple assemblies of complex parts,) consider to be current best practices.

Blocks in separate files are a simple choice for the off-the-shelf hardware, and I have used them to organize modestly complex assemblies hierarchically and built scripts to help that, but it’s not totally obvious that’s the way to go for trying to keep track of all the different configurations needed of every composite part(as-designed, as molded, as trimmed, presentation rendering, etc) and the mold components and info that go along with them.


Hi Jim - if you have not messed with it yet, you might have a look at worksessions.

Seems like it might be useful even though it’s only (presumably) you accessing all the files.