Organize tool icons in left sidebar

Is there a way to organize the left sidebar? Is a random mess right now. For example select is spread out across the grid. Groups and blocks are not collocated. Show points isn’t collocated with other view tools.

Would like to separate sets of things, and use space more efficiently.

Also would like to move some of the more system-level commands up to the bar at top that has mode toggles like Grid Snap, Gumball, etc. Again, there is a lot of wasted space up there where it would be good see the state of the toggles and have easy access to them.

You will need to create your own “custom command set”… Info here

Thanks! Is a beginning…can do some of the customizing via that.

Need ways to chunk commands…via user-defined menus as well as sections, labels and/or bars.

  • Does not seem to allow user to create their own secondary palettes.
  • Modified is an orthogonal concept to what user is trying to accomplish. They want to create primary and secondary palettes, just user-defined. Would be easier to understand if there were just Palettes and the user could decide whether a palette was a menu or some other secondary affordance. But since the user can only add 2ndary palettes a better cognitive model would be to just have a Custom Palettes list.

Also in dark mode:

  1. There is not enough contrast between text and bg in the palettes list. All the entries look disabled.
  2. the icons in the editor are unrecognizable, hard to read…
    They should have the same transparency as they do in the palette.