Organize ShapeDiver models

We have many models in private because we make a lot of development so we have many versions of our files.
We have 3 main files, each one with several versions.
Is there a way to mark our 3 main models as favorite or something else so they are well identified and/or at the top of the list ?


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Bookmarking models has been already planned and it will be delivered in coming months. In the meantime, you can use the search and sorting features to find your models quickly.

Bookmarking is already a good start, but I think really what would be great is to have a model that you can update and it keeps the versions. In Olivia’s and also in our case that would mean rather than having dozens of models we would have just a few and if you want you can go in and revert to a previous version if needed.

One of our scripts has already 20 iterations and it would be nice to have this bundled into 1 thing. Having it bookmarked would mean always having to go in and unbookmark the old version and then bookmark the new one again.

Another good way would be to simply have folders to organise models in.