Organization panel sweep 2


I would like to highlight that in the control “Sweep2”, the “add slash” is located in a non-functional position, next to the buttons: OK, Cancel and help (these should be insulated, as in may by other modelers).

In my opinion it is not very functional as an organization of commands/options.


what do you think?

(John Brock) #3

I really don’t have a preference, but my opinion shouldn’t count for much.
What problem does this cause you or is it just because it’s different from V5?
The new one includes new options and to my eye, looks a bit cleaner without the floating slash button.
So far, other users haven’t chimed in either way.

Here’s the V5 dialog:

And the current V6:


Nothing important John, the two menus are very similar.
In my opinion, the button “add slash” should not stand next to the button ok and cancel (in many modelers, is seen for example solidworks, ok and cancel are put well in evidence and isolated from other command options).
it’s just a matter of detail, nothing alarming!
If everyone likes it, nothing to worry about!


@John_Brock I’m with Davide on this one - the “Add Slash” button should not be on the bottom which is by (more or less) Windows convention reserved for validation (or not) of the choices. BTW, nobody really knows what a “slash” is… If we’re re-naming things in the dialog like substituting “cross section” for “shape” then I would suggest also renaming Add Slash to something like “Add Guide Section” or maybe just “Add Guide”…

Add Slash
Adds additional cross-section alignments to control how the surface is created between sections.

IMO, the “Add Slash” button should actually be in the top section with all the other choices, and the "closed sweep checkbox should also be moved up there. The middle section “edge continuity” should only have the edge continuity options - and “closed sweep” is not one of them.



Mitch, thank goodness you have understood the meaning of my discourse.
Usually ok and cancel buttons should be in an isolated position from any other option.
If you can not even organize a control panel as it should, then we’re in really badly!

Such a thing does not exist in any other CAD! Better v5 panel.
I hope to be changed its organization options.


Spot on Mitch. UI:s (User interface) should use Users language.

Some developers think they know what the acronym DDD means. Often they don’t. It’s about language used within the problem domain - from the perspective of users. Users’ domain. And Users thinks of guiding a wilful surface, and so they want to “guide it”.

Spot on Mitch.

// Rolf