Organization of Definition Advice

Hi guys,

I am currently working on a long definition, its pretty tidy, but I need to be able to understand what is what all the time, and as it is long, that needs to be from a far point of view.

This is what I came up with right now, a very big scribble number… Pretty tedious to set up, and pretty tedious to modify.


I found this thread on the old forum proposing a variable size of group names depending on the user zoom. Although the thread is from 2013, and it was agree it was a good idea, it never happened.

So, I came here for advice. What would you do in my situation? How do you deal with this stuff?
I guess one obvious option is to use clusters, replacing every group block by a cluster, making my def way shorter, and thus not need to zoom so far away.

Still, its quite a pain that panels do not display the same was as scribble text… they stop being visible way before scribble, despite using same font and size.


I guess I am looking for a combination of Scribble + Panels: Scribble for visibility, panel for enabling an easy change and updating of the “title” in this case the numbers, in the sense that it can be more parametric and less a manual task.

How about using Metahopper plugin?


Try this for long definition