Organising the Pop-Up Menu

Is it possible to organise the icons within the Pop-Up menu into different sections? I have loads of commands in my Pop-Up but they’re rather jumbled. I know I can manually move them around but I’d like to actually divide them into groups, putting all of the curves commands together, all of the surface tools etc. with space between them. I’ve tried adding a separator but it just creates a fly out menu and I don’t seem to be able to move it.

Is this possible?

Try this… drag your pop up toolbar header to float it when it’s up and then drag any floating tabs into it. This will create a new ‘toolbar group’ and give it a new name automatically. Click the gear icon in the floating group and choose Properties to give it a name you will remember. The tabs are the different sections of tools so you might need to make some new ones populated from the icons you currently have in the pop up. Then, go into Options and change the middle mouse button (Rhino Options>Mouse) to bring up the toolbar group you made instead of the default pop up.

Thanks, Brian. That works but I would prefer not to have tabs. If possible I’d like all of my buttons in a single Pop-Up menu separated into sections. Perhaps that isn’t possible so I’ll experiment with the tabs, I’m sure I’ll get used to them and it’s a better solution than my current jumble!

Thanks very much for your help.

It looks like the separators show up only if the floating toolbar is one icon in height like this.

Yeah, if you have icons stacked in the Pop-Up the separators just don’t work. It would be nice if they formed a horizontal divide across the Pop-Up so you could drop icons into different areas. That way you could have a curves section, a surfaces section etc. It would just make it easier to find the icon you’re after. Perhaps V6 could have something like it.

In the mean time the tabs will work fine so thanks for your help, Brian.

I don’t know that it makes sense for everyone to always have a separator generate a new line but I suppose we could experiment with it in V6. It might make more sense to just add a “New Line” control type that looked like a separator when docked and forced a new line when floating.

I’ve been trying to find a way to organize the MMB/popup menu so that I can more clearly group icons together instead of them being all in one endless blob. This is bad for muscle memory as every time you add a new icon, all the ones after it shift position.

At the very least I’m looking for the ability to add “line breaks” or horizontal row dividers as requested in this topic from 10 years ago. Is there still no way to accomplish this in Rhino 8?

If there is, please share! :slight_smile:

Thank you kindly!

the only way to do it currently is to make blank buttons and drag them to a logical break point