Organising curves with macros (R8 for Mac)

I often have to make CNC files and am looking to create a macro to organise curves I have made using Make2d. I’m unfamiliar with macros and was wondering if anyone could help. Is there a way to specify a value after a command?

I’d like to create a macro that once you’ve selected objects was:

  • move to point
  • move in y axis - 500

Hi Samuel - try

! _Move _Pause 0 0,-500,0

does that do what you need?


Thank you. This is very helpful. It moves the selected objects -500 but I’d like to pick the objects up and move them down relative from another point so they are all aligned.

I appreciate I’m asking for someone to do my homework here so if there are any resources you can point me to I’d happily work out the rest myself

Or if there are more elegant solution to this process

Hi Samuel - the Align command may help - I am not sure I fully get the start and end of the process - the From osnap can help move an object say 500 units from some point.
Scroll down to the ‘one-shot’ snaps like Between and From.
Is that of any use?


Thanks this is very helpful