Organic Modeling

I need to model a part that is organic in nature, meaning that it is somewhat egg shaped, but there is no symmetry in any direction. Can someone point me to a good tutorial for approaching this? thanks much

give he weaverbird plugin a test. its fun and works great

Does the Weaverbird plugin work on Rhino Mac?

Thanks, I know that page, but the question is it working?

Yes.Only in grasshopper but just tested it now.

Good to know. Thank you


Rex here. I asked the original question about organic modeling. I have watched a number of tutorials on Grasshopper. Having some familiarity with object oriented programming and mathematics, I find Grasshopper to be fascinating. However, the applications I’ve seen in the short time I’ve looked at it seem esoteric beyond what I need for milling out complex (but not too complex) parts. Further, I can’t seem to find a Weaverbird tutorial that slows down and explains what is going on. Is there a good “Weaverbird for Dummies” style tutorial?
Also, I don’t seem to be able to get a download of Weaverbird from the recommended webpage. All I get is is a blank web page back. No indication that any files downloaded anywhere into my Mac.
I started this thread with a question about how to get some training on constructing organic/non-symmetrical objects. While I would like to have a need to use these tools, because they’re cool,I haven’t yet found the resources I need to bring me up to speed on them anytime soon.
Any suggestions? Maybe I just need to try to crank this part through the Rhino environment.

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Hey. have you tried cage edit? give it a shot.

egg.3dm (3.4 MB)

found this (47.5 KB)

Giulio, I got the link you sent me and it downloaded and unzipped fine. However, it appears to be for windows. Is there weaverbird for the mac?

thanks, rex

BTW, I took a look at cage edit. It seems to be what I would need for my project. I’m hoping to have a reason to use grasshopper and weaverbird sometime in the future.

Hey . just paste all the components of the zip except the rhl file to th component folder in grasshopper. it worked for me

Have you ever tried Clayoo?

I don’t remember where I got this, but I just zipped the files from my Libraries/Components folder. It works, even though Rhino told me it couldn’t install when I started it up after putting files in place manually.

Here is folder and hopefully I can upload the zip file shown in the screenshot …

I am also including the Example files … (216.1 KB) (741.4 KB)

I will have to say yes, though I haven’t played with it at all. I can get geometry from the toolbar and also from the manual GH definition later in this thread.