Organic extraction?

hello everyone!
im new to rhino and this forum so i apologize for any mistakes!
i have to model a teapot for university and i have a few problems with which my tutor couldnt help
I have the basic body of my teapot down, i just need help extracting it into the spout so its organic and flowing. i tried this using the Sweep 2 Rails but i get very unnatural looking results.
heres a screenshot on what i have right now:

and whenever i use sweep 2 rails it ends up making folds like this:

all i want is a smooth transition
thanks for your help!

Hello - post what you have so far and someone will have a try.


thanks for the quick reply!

uploadteapot.3dm (456.2 KB)

Hello - I guess what you’re shooting for is something like this, correct?


I understand you want to soften the hard edges but generally like this?

uploadteapot_Maybe.3dm (582.7 KB)


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yes this is exactly what i was thinking!
Thank you so much, may i ask how you did it?