Organic architecture approach through grasshopper

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Just wanted to ask you really quick (because I am new to grasshopper) which would be the fastest way to approach this type of architecture.
I have no idea where to start…

Thank you in advance


Supposing that by architecture you mean the roof, it was probably not done parametrically, at least not entirely. The surface can easily be hand modelled by using control points and SoftMove command.

Check this:

If you are looking for a 100% parametric approach, this includes randomness…

Here I make use of SimplexNoise component. You can download it here:

Perlin Noise or Simplex Noise are computer algorithms that create gradient patterns. You can then use this gradient to modify geometry, for example, lift up the black areas and lower the white ones.
It looks like this:

Here I trimmed the part of the surface that was below the ground.

You could also use the noise pattern to displace the geometry, (working with meshes of course), using the noise gradient as a displacement map. But Rhino is not so good at this.

Here a quick test done in C4D.

You have many other presets to choose from than just the normal noise gradient, so it is pretty fun to play with.

This one with a voronoi pattern.

Forgot the GH definition:
surface (11.6 KB)

I’d check out Lunchbox, a plug-in for grasshopper. It has a nice space frame tool that’s easy to apply to curved surfaces.