Ordinate dimension problem

Hi to all,

when I rotate or mirror vertical ordinate dimension (referred to X coordinate) on Rhino 5 (and 4) they aren’t updated and remain reversed . I’ve attached a file where I’ve mirrored the box on the left around Y axis.



Ordinate dimension.3dm (31.1 KB)

Hi Alex- yep, I see that, thanks.



This condition still exists in 5 and the WIP (last weeks). The current situation is that when using ordinate dimensioning in main views the vertical dimension text is reversed. In the perspective view, as it is rotated the vertical dimensions will flip, but they seem to be about 90 degrees out of phase with the horizontal dimensions.

It seems to have the characteristics of a “whoops” that can be easily fixed in the WIP.

Hi Al - I don’t see this here so far - is that shot in your post from a Top view?


That’s a front view. As far as I know everything about dimensioning is default except text height. I’m temporarily w/o V6 right now due to validation problems. If you can’t duplicate I’ll send a file after installing next week’s WIP. Or maybe the new WIP will have cured it!

One other thing: the ordinate dimensioning base point is not at world zero. I had to specifically set it to the lower LH corner shown as zero-zero.

Hi Al - as far as I can see this works correctly now - do you still see a problem mirroring these dimensions?


No problems; this particular aspect of dimensioning works exactly as I expect now.