Ordering Numbers and Selecting 50 Highest

Hello all!

I am following instructions from a book called Landscape Performance Modeling Using Rhino & Grasshopper and am having an issue. I am trying plot the 50 hottest temperatures with a sun path model using ladybug.

I am using a deconstruct data, sort list, and split list component in order to arrange the list from highest to lowest and take the 50 highest numbers from the series, but the list doesn’t seem to be ordering.

I am including a screengrab with the list in a panel so you can see they are not in order. I haven’t included the file since I am using a plugin.

Any idea what could be wrong?


The sorted temperatures are on the Keys output. The Values output is the synchronous sorted list of what comes from your series component - eg the numbers that correspond to the 50 lowest keys.

Lowest, because you forgot to reverse the list.

If you want to check your 50 highest temperatures, right clic on Keys output and hit Reverse, and plug that into the Split List.

Thank you! That worked perfectly. I knew it would be something simple.