Order this curves

I would like to know if it is possible to order this bunch of curves (they are not ordered in a logic way i think)tabicadas_2.gh (8.1 KB)
, I wato to create polilines in one direction and in the other so i can create a surface, Thanks a lot

Have a look at the attached… Weaverbird's Mesh from Lines fr Weaverbir plugin is required.

tabicadas_2_re.gh (20.8 KB)


Thanks, i am going to see if i understand it, i will tell you. Thanks a lot

I have a problem, my grasshopper does not find that component, where it does come from?

See the link in my posting…

Hello again, did you use grasshopper in Rhino 6? I have installed the weaverbird plugin and it happens the same, i can not see one component. Thanks a lot.

Insert Face Boundariesbetween WB & explode…(Mesh --> Analysis -->Face Boundaries)