Order of edges?


So here’s a common case where i have 2 surfaces with same orientation same UV alignment. Still the order of edges is completely arbitrary for both BrepEdges and Cuve boundary - Explode.

Why? The order of edges shouldn’t be determined by the UV’s and Normal? (clockwise maybe?)
order of edges.gh (21.5 KB)

I think if you create the surfaces exactly the same, it will give you exactly the same result. If they don’t give you the same result, it’s probably because you’ve built the surface with different order in its input geometry.

You already know that you need flip, you can also use my brep border component.

order of edges2.gh (11.2 KB)

Borders.ghpy (22.5 KB)

I’m just beginning my journey in Rhino so I’m no authority, but perhaps it is the location of the seams of the surface? I would try aligning the seams. I have used the Pufferfish’s Align Curve Seams to accomplish this, though there are other ways I’m certain.

Yes, all, there are ways to fix this. But for consistency reasons, I would suggest that the order should be by default following UVN, no matter the initial input.