Order of curves in pdf or svg

Dear Mc Neel - or maybe someone of the more advandced users.
I tryed to figure out, if i can influence the order Curves written to a svg or a pdf.
Any latest information about this ?

There is already other topics about this/similar questions:

and most close to my request:

Any chance to order (open) curves - draw order in a 2d export (pdf, svg) ?
How can i get feedback of the draworder,
for example some display-depth property in Properties ?
also some scriptable access would be fine.

looks like @wim and @stevebaer where mostly involved at the topics above.

by the way, it s a pity, that the simple pdf file IO in Rhino-Common does not support arcs / bezier / or even general drawCurves.

i am not in a hurry about this topic - you can also tell me to be patient.
kind regars -tom

Here’s a related thread from a few days ago:

Layer order determines the order that curves are placed into PDFs and SVGs. You can override layer order with the BringToFront/SendToBack commands

Dear @stevebaer wow, thanks for the fast reply.
“Layer order” - does this mean the index of the layer ? or the current position in the layer palette ?
if i have arround 900 to 1000 curves and i want to sort them by script - do you recommend to generat 1000 layers or just set

or shall i call bringToFront by script ?
if i copy paste stuff to a new document, and select curves by single click each. Will the paste - order by the order i selected the objects - or the same as in the old doc ?
thanks again - kind regards

If you’re scripting this, setting the display order value on the object attributes is probably the best way to go.

@Tom_P - see


ok - great - thanks.
just if others come by to this topic - there is a nice example to get started

one think i am still missing:
is there something like lowest / highest DisplayOrder to directly query ?
Where does “bringToFront” get the highest Number from ? to i have to scan all objects in the document ? or is this query already implemented somewher in rhino-common.
(can t find it)


The BringToFront and SendToBack commands iterate through all of the objects to find highest/lowest display order numbers.

dear @stevebaer
thanks a lot - i ll try to figure out how to get everything i need. …
current Idea is a simple clickorder = DisplayOrder. But i will also need some kind of Display-Order-Aware Copy … and as the data is going to a laser-cutter - similar to @cdordoni question i also have to think about adjusting curve direction and curve seam… let s see how much time i’ll find.
kind regards -tom

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