Order of Buttons (Curve)

Is there any way to move Interpcrv on the buttons, instead of Curve, to the top on the buttons list. I cannot possibly imagine having a user for Curve but user Interpcrv all the time. I would like to be able to just click the button and get Interpcrv; not Curve.

From the help file:

Still in the dark. It’s not clear to me what’s being mapped to what.

Can you post a screen shot of where you are getting stuck?

Hi @bigjimslade, you can move the InterpCrv to the top of the slide out menu in curves by dragging it over, if you have a Copy of Default icon commands.

Select your icon and drag it over in front of the reg curve.

This will not change the icons in your main tool palette though. Only make the InterpCrv at the top of your flight-out window.

If you want to add it to your Main palette, just drag it up from below into Main.

There probably is a way to adjust Icon, it is just the end of my day, and it’s Friday.

IHTH «Randy