Orbit problems

Now that the mapping issue is resolved, my latest issue with this file is that I can’t orbit using the RMB in the perspective view without it going crazy. It’s as though the center of the orbit point is miles from the origin. Any thoughts?

HELLO_NY_SIGN 004.3dm (1.0 MB)

Your camera target is very far away. Select what you want to work with (you have one curve very far from the rest), and use ZS (Zoom Selected). That’ll give you a better camera target and more predictable orbit behavior.

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Wow, thanks. No idea where that stray curve came from.


My guess is that distanrt curve may have been messing with the view in your earlier rendering/display problem, possibly.


Why would that have any effect on the mapping on another object?

Not the mapping, but the image you posted of the display looked like there were colliding surfaces, and that could happen, is my theory, if the extents were so large that depth testing gets messed up - things behind don’t know they’re behind.


As if there weren’t enough things to worry about!

I retract my theory… fails peer review.