Orbit/pan Multiple Viewports

Does anyone know a way to orbit/pan two Viewports simultaneously? I am hoping to have different layers on in each Viewport, so that I can compare them side-by-side in real time.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Juney - layer visibility does not apply per viewport in model space, only in layout details. - is that what you mean?


Hi Juney,

As Pascal said, in Model space you cannot separate layer visibility per viewport.

There is a possible workaround for this: you would need to create a custom display mode that doesn’t show the types of geometry you want hidden (or any geometry) and apply this mode per-object (_SetObjectDisplayMode command) to objects you want to hide in each viewport.

The fun part: a hidden _TestMooCow command would let you link/unlink two viewports to pan/zoom/rotate in sync.



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Thanks Jarek! _TestMooCow is exactly what I was looking for.

Haha, Testmoocow. :d
How do you know these hidden commands? Are there any others?

There are many, but most are useless to users and only a few are considered sufficiently non-hazardous to share, provisionally & with caveats, with the outside world.


How do you know these hidden commands?

by hanging out at this Forum :wink:

I have a list of twenty–seven ‘Test’ commands. Probably there are more, too…
[It would probably be unwise for me to post that list…]

I could see a nice black market developing…

I do want my cut.