Orbit failing

my orbit in perspective view is not working (mac) after latest update

try typing ZE (return)
…or, select an object you want to orbit around then type ZS (return)

does that give you what you’re after?
(if so, there are other things you can do besides that… i’m first just trying to figure out what you mean by ‘orbit is not working’ )

Thanks, Jeff, but no, ZE, does not do it.
What I meant is that my object, any object, in the perspective view, selected or not, does not move when I try to make it do so by mouse and wrist. This failing occurred after latest download.

are you trying to move the object or the camera?

are you pressing and holding the right-mouse-button then moving the mouse?

if you use the command _RotateView then use the left-mouse-button to orbit, do that do what you’re talking about?

I’m trying to move the object, Jeff, ‘orbit’ in SketchUp’-language.
Yes I am pressing and holding the right-mouse-button.
The command RotateView was successful with left-and-right-mouse-button but only for 1 ‘turn’

fwiw, ‘orbiting’ in sketchup is moving the camera… not the object. (the object may appear to be moving around on the screen but it’s actually not moving in 3D space… it’s the camera which is moving around space)

but if RotateView is doing what you want then that’s the same thing which should happen with the right-mouse-button…

thing is, i don’t know why the rightMouseButton wouldn’t be working for you… it’s working for me in the latest build…

does your RMB work for other things? if you right-click on a word in this reply, do you get the options to define,search,copy,etc?

or in rhino, if you right-click in a viewport with nothing selected, do you get the repeat command options/ display mode options/etc?

Elegant deduction, Sherlock, I’ll have my mouse fixed.
Thanks a lot.

lol. :wink: