"Options..." button is missing from Save and Export dialogs

The “Options…” button is missing from the Save and Export dialogs for formats, e.g., IGES and STEP, that are supposed to have it.

6.0.17157.8191, 6/6/2017

Thank you,

I think that is working as expected. You won’t see the options button unless you manually choose the STP or IGS file type.
If you include the file type in the name then after you specify a file name, you get the options.
If you want the Options button prior to entering a name, choose the file type from the drop-down list.

I’m not getting it after choosing STEP or IGES. Are you using the same WIP as me?

I tried it first in an in-house build from yesterday.
I just installed the next one and I am seeing the Options button for STEP but not for IGES after selecting the file type.

I’ll get it on the pile.