Optional Rhino for Mac WIP release using a license key

(John Morse) #21

I will have a new build for you to test this afternoon and will post a link when it is available.


Looking forward to new build with great thanks!

To add some info (confusion?):

At trying Go to folder: /Applications/Rhinoceros/Contents/Resources
actually results in “folder not found”

So I tried entering Applications folder “normal” way, and right click the Rhinoceros.app, and selected “view package”, where I do find the /content/resources/zooclient.dll.

Does this suggest that there might be some language issue, as the Application folder is named differently (Program) in my native language/setup?
I also did try Go to folder: /Program/Rhinoceros/Contents/Resources
but with same result = no folder found.

Thanks again for the speedy support.
I am incredibly grateful as I am just about finalising a big project and in great urge to get up and running again.

Johan DG

(Steve Baer) #23

I don’t think that’s a problem. I believe John accidentally left ‘.app’ off the end of the word Rhinoceros


try this instead:


[edit] nvrmnd… that’s what steve said


Hi JohnM

How is the progress w the new build (sorry for stressing).

I am still stuck and willing to try troubleshoot with your pending build.

Br/johan DG

(John Morse) #26


I will send you a private message with the link for the new build.


There was no license keys email ? I didn’t get the email after half a day.Is there an alternative to get Rhino WIP to work ? I need a version on Mac that could work grasshopper. thanks!


The link is deactivated. Where can I get a license key for Rhino Mac WIP?



You will need to enter your current Rhino V5 for Mac license key.

HTH, --Mitch


Oh, that’s sad. Means without license key I can’t try Grasshopper :frowning: Is there free soft for students?